1. Flat Stanley project for my nephew.  

    Flat Stanley takes a trip to New York City and learns about different modes of transportation, including: riding the bus, being carried by a human (when it gets really windy), riding the Staten Island Ferry, the do’s and don’ts of hailing a cab, being dinged with a late-return fee by Citi Bike, riding in a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park (sad), walking, how to cope with brooding anger as he waits for the train to come, and taking an elevator to the final destination, Rockafeller Center, just in time to watch the sunset.

  4. Retna piece in Culver City

  5. Santa Monica Beach.  Feelin some Rio vibes

  6. <3

  7. LACMA vizzit

  10. Temescal Canyon

  11. Cascade Mountains, iphone 5

  12. Hurrican Ridge, Olympic National Park

  13. Crescent Lake, Olympic National Park

  14. First Beach, Olympic National Park, iphone 5

  15. at Rialto Beach